AJBA 4m Harness & Connectors

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AJBA 4m Harness & Connectors

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Product Description

AJBA 4m Harness & Connectors

Our part No. QF04D

Manufacturers part no. MP83104


See AJBA Plug in System for more details on how this harness cable works.

Uses for this Harness cable:

This is a quick and easy way to wire your AJBA Trailer lights with 5 pin bayonet connectors on.
It has a Standard 7 pin DIN ISO 1724 plug that connects to the socket on your vehicle, then a 4m cable that splits into 2 cables, one with a Green Righthand bayonet connector on and the other with a Yellow Lefthand bayonet connector on.
Alternatively you can use a AJBA Green Righthand Replacement Plug
or a AJBA Yellow Lefthand Replacement Plug On a 5 Core Cable.

See our Range of AJBA Plug in lights that can be used with this type of Bayonet Connector.

This AJBA Bayonet connector is used on the majority of Light units used on Erde or Daxara Trailers Please check the manufacturer of Light before ordering this part.


For full wiring diagrams try the links below.

Wiring for 12N 7 pin trailer plugWiring for 13pin Euro trailer plug



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