Bradley 43mm Trailer Jockey wheel

Bradley 43mm Trailer Jockey wheel

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Bradley 42mm J43L Jockey wheel

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Product Description

Bradley 43mm Trailer Jockey wheel

This is a genuine Bradley 43mm Trailer Jockey wheel which is manufactured to take up to 100kg nose weight.

Bradley make this product stronger and heavier than other jockey wheels rated at a higher capacity by the manufacturer

The patented stainless steel Bradley Rotalok system which stops winding of the wheel due to vibration securing the wheel.

This Jockey wheel is also available with a Cushioned Wheel for off road use on gravel or grass, (200kg Nose Weight)

Replacement Wheel is also available for this jockey wheel as well as a Jockey Wheel Clamp .

The Jockey Wheel Clamp requires drilling to your drawbar to fit the clamp securely.

We also sell an Easy Fit Bracket that clamps around a 50 or 60mm drawbar and then bolt the clamp on to that


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Additional Information

Weight 5.650 kg
Dimensions 82 x 21 x 5 cm