Dormer A002 HSS Jobber Drill Bit 4.0mm

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Dormer A002 HSS Jobber Drill Bit 4.0mm

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Product Description

Dormer A002 HSS Jobber Drill Bit 4.0mm

These are our drill bits of choice for all workshop use. They are a good quality, long-lasting drill bit at a reasonable price.

Main Features / Benefits

Web:- Improved web design optimises strength and rigidity and increases feel capability

Flute Geometry:- Ground wide flutes for efficient chip evacuation

Helix Angle:- Optimised throughout the helix range for greater rigidity

Finish:- Bright body improves application on ductile materials

Coating:- Titanium Nitride coating focussed on the working surfaces to resist flank and crater wear, and to provide low friction and increased performance

Point Geometry:- Special Dormer “P.S. Point” increases ease of penetration, improves hole size and provides accurate centering

Application:- General purpose engineering drill bits

Additional Information

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