Erde 142 with Hard Top

Erde 142 including ABS Hardtop

Firstly the Erde 142 trailer has internal dimensions of Length 1.45m (4ft 9) x Width 1m (3ft 3) x Depth 0.35m (1’1″), and can carry approx 500kg. Secondly this is a medium sized lightweight trailer, ideal for carrying goods, gardening and camping. The trailer comes complete with ABS lockable cover that gives extra height and increases security. Consequently this also allows for more to be loaded. Finally other Erde accessories which are included are; a jockey wheel, spare wheel and triplelock coupling. These are to ensure safety and ease of use for you, the customer.

Hire Charges
1 Day17.5017.50 per day
2 Days3015 per day
3 Days3612 per day
5 Days459 per day
1 Week52.507.50 per day
2 Weeks956.79 per day
Calendar Month1806 per day
Other information
Deposit Required100

Terms & Conditions

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