Erde 142 with Hard Top

Erde 142. The Erde 142 trailer has internal dimensions of Length 1.45m (4ft 9) x Width 1m (3ft 3) x Depth 0.35m (1’1″), and can carry approx 500kg. This is a medium sized lightweight trailer, ideal for carrying goods, gardening and camping. The trailer comes complete with ABS lockable cover that gives extra height and increases security. Other Erde accessories which a included are; a jockey wheel, spare wheel and triplelock coupling for peace of mind.

Hire Charges
1 Day17.5017.50 per day
2 Days3015 per day
3 Days3612 per day
5 Days459 per day
1 Week52.507.50 per day
2 Weeks956.79 per day
Calendar Month1806 per day
Other information
Deposit Required100

Terms & Conditions

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