Knott Bradley Alko Braked Trailer Couplings

Trailer couplings Knott Bradley Alko Braked Trailer Couplings

Braked Trailer Couplings by Manufacturer

Our braked trailer couplings are designed by the following manufacturers; Alko and Bradley as well as Knott Avonride and Indespension. Cast and Pressed delta coupling available ranging from 750kg to 3500kg. 3500kg couplings have a 60mm drawtube, whereas couplings up to 3000kg have a 50mm diameter drawtube. Also available are couplings with 40mm, 50mm and 60mm eyes. We can also supply NATO couplings. Pole coupling available to fit up to 100mm box.

Every coupling has an identification plate on the body. This will tell you everything you need to know for purchasing a new coupling. If this information is no longer visible, or if you cannot find the coupling you require, please call 01909 473749 and we will assist in finding a suitable replacement.