Unbraked Trailer Couplings

Unbraked Trailer Couplings

Our Unbraked trailer couplings range of coupling heads to suit either a 50mm or a 60mm drawbar / box section.

Our pressed steel Al-Ko coupling heads are available to suit a 60mm box section or a 50mm box section or tube.

 Bradley cast steel trailer coupling head, designed to suit a drawbar of any size and has the rubber handbrake grip.

We also hold on stock the Indespension Triple Lock Head.  available with drawbar adaptor, plug, keep and A-Frame Adaptor Plate.

For towing trailers with Motorbikes or Quads, there is a swivel coupling to suit 50mm drawbars.

These are designed with the swivel mechanism to allow the trailer to move freely when the motorbike or quad pivots.

Please take note of the mounting hole measurements as they do vary with each coupling head.

Also, be sure to double check the size of your box section or tube before purchasing any coupling head.

 Please Note – If would like any further information regarding this product, then please feel free to call us on 01909 473749.