LED Autolamps Trailer Marker Numberplate Lights

LED Autolamps Trailer Numberplate Lights

LED Autolamps numberplate lights for trailers and commercial vehicles. Available in 12 volt and multivolt options.

LED Autolamps Rear Trailer Marker Lights

A range of red rear trailer marker lights. Various styles available including; slimline, curved, surface mount and bracket mount.

LED Autolamps Side Trailer Marker Lights

Amber side marker lights for trailer and commercial vehicles. A range of 12 volt and multivolt marker lights in different styles and sizes.

LED Autolamps Front Trailer Marker Lights

LED Autolamps white front trailer marker lights available in 12 volt and multivolt versions. Bracket mount and surface mount available.

LED Autolamps Trailer Outline Marker Lights

LED Autolamps red/white outline marker light and stalk style markers. Available with integrated amber side reflector.

LED Autolamps 35 Series Lights

35mm series LED Autolamps front, side and rear trailer marker lights. Multivolt lights 4 LEDs in each light.

LED Autolamps 37 Series Lights

32 series LD Autolamps trailer marker lights with chrome or black surround. Available to suit the Harness wiring system.

LED Autolamps 38 Series Lights

LED Autolamps 38 series slim, curved low profile trailer marker lights. Can be surface mounted or bracket mounted vertically or horizontally.

LED Autolamps 44 Series Lights

44 Series LED Autolamps front, side and rear trailer marker light. Complete with built in reflector across the top of the light.

LED Autolamps 58 Series Lights

58 Series LED Autolamps red, white and amber trailer marker lights with 3 high powered LEDs. Chrome finish available.

LED Autolamps 129 Series Lights

129 Series slimline multivolt trailer marker lights. Complete with built in reflector and 3 high powered LEDs. Bracket available for mounting.

LED Autolamps 181 Series Lights

181 Series front, side and rear round trailer marker lights. Also suitable for use on commercial vehicles. Hard wired versions and Harness versions available.

LED Autolamps 1490 Series Lights

LED Autolamps 1490 Series trailer marker lights. Front, side and rear trailer marker lights IP67 rated likewise to all LED Autolamps lights.

LED Autolamps 1491 Series Lights

LED Autolamps 1491 series marker lights complete with mounting bracket.

LED Autolamps Trailer Marker Numberplate Lights