LED Autolamps Harness Cables

There are 3 types of harness cables which make up the LED Autolamps Harness System for trailer lighting;

2 Core Harness Cables

These LED Autolamps Harness cables have a 2 pin female plug on one end and a 2 pin male plug on the other and are designed to be used / plugged into 2 function harness lights such as; Numberplate lights and Marker lights. A 2 core T Piece would then be required to make a join between 2 light cables. This cable can either be used off a Harness cable or a G2 Mains Cable.

6 Core Harness Cables

The 6 core LED harness cables areright and left handed as the T Piece connector which is compatible, has different connections either side. These cables connect to bare wires and are designed to go from the T Piece connector off the mains cable, to a 6 core cable with bare wires. Can be joined to any 5 function rear lights that do not have a harness connector on the end.

8 Core Harness Mains Power Cables

Different lengths of cable are available, which are designed to run down the spine / chassis of your trailer to connect to an 8 T Piece Connector. Like the 6 core cable, these cables also have a plug one end and bare wires on the other.

All of the LED Autolamps harness cables are waterproof (IP67 Rated) and are submersible up to 1 meter.