Bulb Rear Trailer Lights

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Rear Bulb Lights for Trailers

We have a huge variety of bulb rear lights for trailers. Manufacturer’s include; Maypole, Radex, AJBA, Maypole, Aspock and Britax as well as Brytec.

We also keep Rubolite and Jokon. 12 volt and 24 volt lights available as well as a range of plug in lights. We also keep replacement light modules for the Erde and Daxara trailers.

We offer single function and multifunction lights up to 7 function. These include; stop, tail, indicator fog and reverse and well as numberplate.

If you cannot find the light you require, or for technical guidance, then please call 01909 4737498.we will be happy to help. If you require information regarding trailer wiring, then please follow the links below;

7 Pin N Type Trailer Wiring
7 Pin S Type Trailer Wiring
13 Pin Euro Trailer Wiring

For information on trailer lighting regulations, please Click Here.