Braked Trailer hubs / drums

Braked trailer hubs drums

There are many braked trailer hubs drums because all manufactures have their own hubs. All of the suspension manufactures have different sized brakes for different capacities then many different stud patterns.Brake drums are not interchangeable other than altering the stud pattern.

Identifying trailer brake drums.

Identification can be a problem with a trailer brake drum. To do this it is best to follow the steps below

  1. The most important thing is to identify the make of the axle / suspension units. There is usually an identification plate or sticker.
  2. Identify the bearings. Bearings usually have a number marked on the side.
  3. Brake size & manufacturer. Drums can be made for different sized and manufacturer of brakes.

Towing and trailers has many braked hubs on the shelf. Due to the vast amount of hubs available we may have to order some in.

Please note there are many drums on older trailers that are no longer available due to manufactures ceasing production. Therefore on older trailers with obsolete drums you would have to buy new suspension / axle.

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