Suspension - Braked

Braked Trailer Suspension Units

Our braked trailer suspension units range from 550kg to 1500kg with 1800kg half axles also available. Once the gross weight of your trailer exceeds 750kg, by law you are required to have fully functioning brakes. We offer suspension units fitted with different series of brake drums to suit varying wheel offsets. For example; A Series drums to suit 25 – 35mm offset and R Series drums to suit 0mm – 25mm. If you are unsure of trailer wheel offset, please Click Here.

PCD / Stud Patterns Available

We keep suspension units with the same gross weight, but with varying PCD measurements. This is to allow a choice of wheels to be used with each suspension units, depending on personal preference and requirements.

550kg – Available with 4 stud x 100mm and 4 x 4 Inch PCD trailer drums
750kg – 4x100mm, 4×4″, 4 stud x 5.5″ and 5 stud x 112mm PCD
1100kg – Available with 4×5.5″ and 5x112mm
1300kg – Can be purchased with either 4×5.5″ or 5 stud x 112mm PCD trailer hubs
1500kg – 4×5.5 Inch, 5x112mm and 5 stud x 6.5″ PCD trailer brake drums


Our trailer half axles are available with either a 5 stud x 112mm PCD or 5×6.5″. These fit like a usual trailer axle would, with 2x 2 bolt holes for mounting. For assistance with measuring PCD, please Click Here. If you require further technical guidance, please call 01909 473749.