Trailer suspension units including hubs by weight

Trailer suspension units including hubs

Towing and trailers range of suspension units with hubs covers over 40 variations of trailer suspension units including hubs. Using mainly Knott-avonride units supplemented with other brands such as Meredith and Eyre, Watson Jones and Indespension.

Unbraked trailer suspension weights available

By law the max weight any car in Europe can tow is 750kg on the public highway. Due to this the maximum weight of units with out brakes we stock is 750kg. We also stock 150kg, 250kg, 350kg and 550kg.

Variations of trailer suspension available

There are many variations of trailer suspension units that are available to suit many wheels. We stock a small selection of 150 and 250kg units with 4″ PCD and 100mm PCD these are targeted at small wheels such as 8″ and 10″. The larger trailer suspension 350, 550 and 750kg we offer a far more comprehensive range. The ranges include standard hubs in 4″, 100mm and 108mm PCD’s on either standard or extended shaft units. Avon ride also manufacture higher quality and heavier duty hubs suitable for either offset or center nave wheels, these are known as E series for and P series hubs

Trailer suspension units with hubs

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