10" / 10 Inch Wheels & Tyres

10 Inch Trailer Wheels and Tyres for Caravans and Trailers

Our 10 Inch trailer wheels and tyres are the most commonly used assemblies on trailers and caravans. We offer various tyre sizes such as; 500×10, 145R10, 20.5/8-10 flotation tyres and many more. The wheel rim stud patterns we keep include; 4 stud x 4″, 4 x 100mm, 4 x 115mm, and 4 stud x 5.5″. We also keep a 10 Inch 5 stud x 112mm PCD wheel rim.

The 500×10 tyre with a 115mm PCD are suitable for use with the Erde 142 & 143 and the Daxara 147 & 148 trailers along with the Maypole MP715. When purchasing a wheel and tyre assembly, you will need to know your tyre size, which is found on the side wall of the tyre. It is also important that you know the offset (ET) of the wheel rim, which is stamped on the rim itself near to the centre hole. For example; ET30 would mean you have a 30mm Offset. You will also need to be sure of PCD / stud pattern of your wheel rim, this is something that does require measuring.

If you require any assistance with measuring your stud pattern please follow the link below;

CLICK HERE– We also have a guide to measuring Offset: CLICK HERE For further enquiries, please call 01909 473749