Daxara Trailers

Daxara 107

The Daxara 107 is the same size as the popular Erde 102. The smallest in the range of camping Trailers with a carrying capacity of 245kg. CLICK TO SHOP.

Daxara 127

The Daxara 127 is a light weight car trailer perfect for family camping trips and light gardening duties. Nifty little trailer with a box size of 3ft 9" x 3ft.

Daxara 158

Like the Erde 153, the Daxara 158 trailer is the smallest trailer within the commercial range. Sporting an A frame drawbar and 13 inch wheels this trailer is robust and great for those heavier loads. CLICK TO SHOP.

Daxara 168

The Daxara 168 is the equivalent to the Erde 163 commercial trailer with an A frame drawbar and 13" wheels. Extremely versatile trailer with with a range of accessories available. CLICK TO SHOP.

Daxara 198

This is the unbraked version of the commercial Daxara 198. A fantastic trailer which can be used for various requirements. With a box size of 6ft x 3ft 7" this trailer is great for those extra long camping trips. CLICK TO SHOP.

Daxara 198F Braked

The braked Daxara 198 trailer has a gross weight of 750kg. This is a single axle trailer with an A frame drawbar and Alko braked coupling. Numerous accessories available. CLICK TO SHOP.

Daxara 218

The Daxara 218 trailer is the equivalent to the Erde 213 in size. This is an unbraked trailer with a large box for carrying goods such as camping equipment and light weight garden machinery. CLICK TO SHOP.

Daxara 238 Unbraked

The Daxara 238 is the largest single axle trailer within the entire Erde and Daxara trailer range. This is an unbraked single axle trailer with 13 inch wheels. CLICK TO SHOP.

Daxara 238 Braked

The Daxara 238F Trailer is the largest braked trailer within the single axle range of Erde and Daxara trailers. This is a large and super versatile trailer with a wide range of accessories available. CLICK TO SHOP.

Daxara 239 Unbraked Twin Axle

The Daxara 239 unbraked trailer is a twin axle commercial trailer which is the equivalent to the Erde 234. This trailer has an A frame drawbar and uses 13 inch wheels. CLICK TO SHOP.

Daxara 239 Braked Twin Axle

The braked Daxara 239F trailer is a commercial twin axle trailer complete with 13 inch wheels and A frame drawbar. Like all of our Erde and Daxara trailers, a huge range of accessories are available. CLICK TO SHOP.

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Daxara Trailers

Information on Daxara Trailers

Daxara range of trailers are manufactured by Erde and therefore use the same accessories as the Erde trailers. There are some slight differences between the Daxara and Erde trailers such as; Daxara are made with thicker skinned side panels which makes each of the Daxara trailers much more robust. Also, they are TUV approved meaning the trailers are approved in Europe.

Features of the Daxara Trailers

  • Thick skinned side panels
  • Tipping facility
  • Removable front panel as well as Tailgate
  • Rear drop tailgate
  • Plug In lighting
  • Complete lightboard
  • Full track Axle
  • As well as fully zinc plated body and floorpan

Accessories available for the Daxara

  • Canvas flat cover
  • 30cm as well as 60cm high covers
  • ABS lockable hard top
  • Range of jockey wheels
  • Shock absorbers
  • Standard load bars as well as ABS Load Bars
  • Cycle carriers
  • Cargo net
  • Solid as well as mesh side extentions
  • Propstands
  • As well as a range of security options

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