Erde 193F

The Erde 193F is one of the most robust trailers out of Erde’s range of trailers, plus the added benefit of being braked. The 193 has a strong A-frame drawbar, 13 wheels and double skinned body panels. As well as a hinged and removable tailgate, the 193 also has a hinged front panel.

This trailer can be equipped with the full range of Erde accessories to make it more versatile.

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Erde 193F Specification

External Dimensions

Internal Dimensions


Overall length3.02m(9’9″)Internal Length1.85m(6’1″) Gross Weight750kg(1653lb)
Overall Width1.60m(5’2″) Internal Width1.15m(3’8″) Unladen Weight 187kg(412lb)
Overall Height0.96m(31″) Internal Depth0.40m(1’3″) Carrying Capacity 563kg(1241lb)

Features of Erde 193F Trailer

Rear drop tailgate Removable rear tailgate Recessed lights 13″ wheels Galvanised & painted mudguards Tipping facility A-Frame Drawbar Galvanised Chassis Full track axle Plug in lighting for easy maintenance Zinc plated (light galvanise) body and floor Type approved.

Accessories available for Erde 193F Trailer

Spare wheel Spare wheel support Flat cover 30 cm high cover ABS Hard top cover Loadbars Loadbars for ABS hard cover Universal ladder rack Cycle carriers to fit on loadbars Cargo net Jockey wheel Various security options.

Accessories for Erde 193F trailer


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