Erde CH451


The Erde CH451 trailer is the mid range motorcycle trailer available from Erde, and is specifically designed to carry one or two motorcycles. Rails and Ramps are accessories for this trailer, so you can purchase the right amount of motorcycle rails or optional quad rails The CH451 is fully galvanized, with 10″ wheels and a carrying capacity of 344kg.

This Trailer can be equipped with several accessories from Erde’s range to make it more versatile.

Erde CH451 Specification

External Dimensions

Internal Dimensions


Overall length3m(9’10”)Internal LengthN/A Gross Weight450kg(992lb)
Overall Width1.6m(5’2″) Internal WidthN/A Unladen Weight 106kg(233lb)
Overall Height0.7m(2’3″) Internal DepthN/A Carrying Capacity 344kg(758lb)

Features of Erde CH451 Trailers

Recessed lights 10″ wheels Galvanized chassis & painted mudguards A Frame drawbar Full track axle Plug in lighting for easy maintenance EC Type approved.

Accessories available for Erde CH451 Trailers

Spare wheel Handle bar straps Motorcycle Rails Quad Rails Loading ramp Running board Resin wood floor Wheelstow Prop stands Various security options.

Accessories for Erde CH451 trailers.


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