As well as, Towing and trailers Ltd. also have two blog sites full of useful information about towing, trailers, trailer maintenance, towing regulations, legal requirements and more. We also have a selection of instructional guides and wiring diagrams for many common problems and parts.

The first of our two blog sites, has a large selection of information about general trailer maintenance, repairs, wiring diagrams and illustrated fitting guides. There are also useful articles about tyre load and speed ratings, lighting requirements, maximum trailer weights and maximum dimensions.

Our second blog site,, is focused more on the maintenance and upkeep of Erde trailers. Here we have a large selection of information about each model of Erde trailer, as well as detailed descriptions of all of the accessories available from Erde. Our growing bank of illustrated instruction guides can also be very useful when building an Erde trailer straight out of the box. Please click the links below to visit our blog sites.