750kg Goods/Gardening with Mesh


M&E Goods Trailer with Mesh Sides & Ramp Style Tailgate Hire. The M&E Goods Trailer has internal dimensions of Length 2m (6ft 6″) x Width 1.2m (4ft) and can carry approx 520kg. This trailer is ideal for gardening use; it has a ramped tailgate to easily load a lawnmower, and its high mesh sides for loading gardening rubbish. It is also ideal for moving goods such as washing machines, or a small house move. Our local recycling centre (tip) does not require a tipping licence if you can prove you are hiring a trailer. Please check your facilities have the same policy, the trailer you are hiring comes with spare wheel, jockey wheel and locking coupling head for security.

Hire Charges
1 Day2525 per day
2 Days4422 per day
3 Days5418 per day
5 Days7515 per day
1 Week8712.43 per day
2 Weeks15010.71 per day
Calendar Month2608.66 per day
Other information
Deposit Required100

Terms & Conditions

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