Trailer Brake Parts

Trailer Brake Parts

A range of Trailer Brake Parts available from manufacturers such as; Knott, Al-Ko, Bradley and Ifor Williams. All of our brakes and parts are genuine parts, which have approval documents and compatibility reports available on request.

Our great selection of brake parts allows you to refurbish your existing brakes or totally rebuild them. Please be sure of your brake sizes before ordering. If you are unsure of your brake size you will need to take the following measurements of the Internal diameter of the brake drum and the width of the brake shoe

Trailer Backplates

Our backplates are all supplied fully assembled complete with their suitable brake shoe. Adjusters, expanders and replacement spring sets are also fitted to the backplate assembly.

The Knott and Alko Backplates we supply do require welding on and you existing backplates may need grinding to remove. Knott have now also began to manufacture ‘Auto Adjust’ brake shoes. For more information on these, please call or sales and technical team. We offer the following sizes of trailer backplates;

Knott – 160x35mm, 200x50mm, 203x40mm as well as 250x40mm.
Al-Ko – 160x37mm, 200x35mm, 200x51mm as well as 200x61mm
Bradley – 250x40mm. (limited availability)

Trailer Brake Shoes

Complete axle sets of brake shoes complete with replacement spring sets are available. These marry up to our backplate sizes above. Again, these are all genuine parts and are supplied in their manufacturer’s box.

Trailer Brake Drums

We can an extensive range of trailer brake drums to suit most brake applications.  These include; Knott Brakes, Al-Ko, Indespension and Ifor Williams.

There are various stud patterns available in the same size and brand of brake drum, so please be sure of PCD measurements as well as brake size before purchasing. The stud patterns we offer include;
4×4″, 4x100mm, 4×5.5″, 5x112mm and 5×6.5″

Trailer Brake Cables

We keep most if not all trailer brake cables including; Knott Detachable, Knott Stainless Steel, Al-Ko Old Style as well as Al-Ko Profi. From lengths as short as 1030mm up to 2730mm we should have a brake cable to suit your need. We can also supply Peak style cables on request.

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