Trailer couplings

Trailers That We Stock

We stock a large variety of Erde and Daxara models as well as the Trigano Multy Chassis Motorbike Trailer. We predominantly keep unbraked trailers, however we do also stock a small range of braked models.

The Erde Range

There are 14 models within the Erde range the majority being unbraked single axle. These include; 102, 122, 143, 153, 163, 193, 213, as well as the 233. The braked Erde models include; 193F and 234F. The 234 models are also twin axle.

The Daxara Range

The Daxara range basically follows suit with the Erde range as Erde manufacture Daxara. The unbraked models include; 107, 127, 148, 158, 168, 198, 218 as well as 238. The braked versions are as follows; 198F 218F and 239F. The 239 is also available with a braked axle.

The Trigano Multy Chassis

Trigano manufacture an extremely versatile as well as reliable Motorbike Trailer. Various accessories available such as; Ramps and Phenolic Flooring. Suitable for carrying up to 3 motorbikes.