Trailer wheel bearings

Trailer wheel Bearing

Trailer wheel bearing come in many variations and sizes of either sealed or taper roller bearings. The variations of trailer wheel bearings are vast due to different weights and manufacturers of axles.

We can offer a choice of economy and premium bearings. Our premium bearings come from manufacturers such as Timken, NTN, Koyo and more. Your bearings can be identified by a unique number which can be found marked on the bearing.

However, if the number has worn off your bearings over time, you can identify your bearing with accurate measurements. Internal diameter, overall diameter and width

Sealed Bearings

Sealed bearings come ready to fit and do not require greasing.  Usually a large 1 piece bearing that is tightly fitted in to the hub, secured by a circlip.

We recommend using a press when removing and fitting sealed bearings. European Axles were the first to introduce sealed bearings but they are are becoming more popular in the UK. Sealed bearings are also known as Sealed For Life (SFL), meaning that the unit is sealed and can not be maintained.

The most common use for a sealed bearing is on the following drums and trailers;

  • Alko drums
  • Knott SFL (P, X, Y series) hubs and drums
  • Ifor Williams manufactured after 1992
  • Some peak, Indespension and Meredith and Eyre
  • Erde and Daxara (some)
Most Sealed bearings need to be torqued correctly to offer maximum bearing life.

Taper Roller Bearings

Trailers still commonly use taper roller bearings. It is easy to maintain and inspect taper roller bearings. Although it is possible to change taper roller bearings without a press it is easier with a press.

When tightening taper roller bearings we recommended to torque to 70Nm. Rotate the wheel at least 1 full revolution then loosen off and tighten finger tight. Over tightening will destroy the bearings. Our extensive range of taper roller bearings will suit a variety of hubs and brake drums.

These include;

  • Knott Hubs and drums (A, C,E, N, R & V series),
  • Alko Drums,
  • Bradley Drums (All),
  • Indespension (most)
  • Meredith & Eyre
  • Peak trailers (most)
  • Erde and Daxara (some)
  • Ifor Williams Pre 1992
  • and many more

We can supply complete bearing kits with and inner and outer bearing and also rear seal if required. These kits are suitable for most current manufacturers of trailer axles.

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