Trailer Suspension units and parts

Braked Trailer Suspension Units complete with brake drums and hub caps. 4 stud x 5 stud brake drums ranging from 550kg, 750kg, 1100kg, 1300kg, 1500kg, 1800kg half axles

Braked Trailer Suspension

From 750kg and above, legally you are required to have fully working brakes on your trailer. Our braked trailer suspension ranges from 550kg to 1500kg with various PCDs available. We also have 1800kg half axles.

Unbraked Trailer Suspension Units with complete with hubs. P series and E series hubs are available which come fully fitted with sealed bearings

Unbraked Suspension With Hubs

We have a range of unbraked trailer suspension from 150kg to 750kg. These units come complete with standard 4 inch and 100mm trailer hubs or P series / E series hubs, which are fitted with sealed bearings.

Unbraked Trailer Suspension Units with standard and extended 1 inch shaft and 7/8

Unbraked Without Hubs

Available are unbraked trailer suspension units to suit 1 inch bearings and 7/8" (mini hubs) bearings. 1 inch standard shaft is available to suit centre naive wheels, and extended is to suit offset wheels. 150kg to 750kg.

Unbraked Trailer Hubs for 1 inch shaft, erde trailers, daxara and maypole trailers.

Suspension Hubs

Unbraked trailer suspension wheel hubs are available to suit our 1 inch diameter shaft suspension units. We also keep hubs to suit the P series and E series unbraked units along with replacement hubs for Daxara, Erde and Maypole trailers.

6 hole and 8 hole trailer suspension mounting plates

Suspension Mounting Plates

6 hole and 8 hole mounting plates available to suit our suspension units. The 6 holes mounting plates suit the suspension units up to 550kg. 750kg and above requires an 8 hole mounting plate. Fixings are also available.

Stub Axles

We have available stub axles with a 1 shaft for taper roller bearings, these stub axles are for Non-Road Use only and can carry up to 750kg. We also offer weld in stub axles with a choice of extended or standard shaft.

Hub Caps

This page lists our dust caps for hubs such as; Al-Ko, Meredith and Eyre, Avonride, Indepsension and Bradley available in the plastic and aluminium styles. There are various sizes available to fit varying series of drums.


We have a selection of premium and economy bearings available from manufacturers such as NTN. Seals can be bought as an individual spare or as part of a discounted kit which contains; Inner Bearing, Outer Bearing and Seals.

Hub Nuts

Hub Nuts are available for Knott Avonride, Al-Ko, Ifor Williams, Indespension, Peak, Meredith and Eyre and Bradley. They are compatible with different series of drums, Please view for more information.

Wheel Nuts

We stock an extensive range of wheel nuts to suit Knott Avonride, Indespension and Bradley hubs / brake drums. We also have available the genuine replacement wheel nuts for the Erde and Daxara trailers.

Wheel studs

Wheel Studs

We have a range of wheel studs available from manufacturers such as; Bradley, Indespension and Knott Avonride. Also purchasable are the genuine Erde replacement wheel studs for Erde and Daxara trailers.

wheel bolts

Wheel Stud Bolts

M10, M12 and M14 wheel stud bolts for Bradley, Al-Ko, Knott Avonride and Erde. It is advised to find out the manufacture, size and PCD of your trailer brake drum before purchasing.

split pin

Split Pins

Split Pins are commonly used on trailer suspension units to keep the Castle Nut in place. We offer a small or slightly larger split pin to suit varying size requirements.

Locking wheel nuts and bolts for trailers including; Erde, Daxara and Maypole

Locking Wheel Nuts

Conical and spherical locking wheels nuts for trailers and caravans. Compatible with the Erde and Daxara range of trailer along with some Maypole trailers.

Locking wheel nuts and bolts for trailers including; Erde, Daxara and Maypole

Locking Wheel Bolts

Conical and spherical locking wheels bolts for trailers and caravans. Compatible with the Erde and Daxara range of trailer along with some Maypole trailers.

Double Leaf-Spring C90004 Ifor-Williams

Ifor Williams leaf spring suspension parts

Ifor Williams leaf spring suspension parts used on Ifor Williams trailers, u bolts and parabolic bushes.

Trailer Suspension Units and Parts

Towing and Trailers has an ever growing range of Trailer Suspension Units and Parts. We keep an extensive array of suspensions available on our shelves for dispatch within 48 hours.

This includes; unbraked suspension units, braked suspension complete with brakes and Brake Drums, replacement Hubs,  Bearings,  Hub Caps,  Hub Nuts and more. There are various legalities with regards to Trailer Brakes and suspensions.

Any trailer with a gross weight of above 750kg must, by law, have fully working brakes.

Unbraked Trailer Suspension Units

Our selection of unbraked suspension units ranges from 150kg to 750kg. These can be purchased complete  with hubs or without hubs, depending on requirements.

We keep standard and extended shaft suspension units with a shaft diameter to suit a 1 inch / 25.4mm bearing. Standard shaft suspension is to take centre naïve wheels (0mm offset) and offset trailer wheels up to 20/25mm. Extended shaft is to suit offset wheels 25mm – 35mm. We also offer a P series and E series hub fully built up and fitted with sealed bearings.

Braked Trailer Suspension Units

Our range of Braked Trailer Suspension  is probably one of the largest in the UK. Ranging from 550kg to 1500kg. We have units to suit lightweight camping trailers to commercial tri-axle trailers.

These suspension units are available with various PCD (stud patterns) for example; 4 stud x 5.5″, 5 x 112mm, 5 x 6.5″4 x 4 Inch and 4 x 100mm.

A series and R series brake drums are fitted to these units, which are to suit varying offset wheels.

1800kg Half Axles are also available. These are much more heavier duty than a suspension unit and mount on 2x 2 bolt mounting, just as a normal trailer axle would.

PCD Measurement Guide

Wheel Offset Guide

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