Meredith & Eyre 2700kg GVW MEF27105 Trailer

Towing and Trailers offer a 10ft flat bed trailer hire using a 2700kg Meredith & Eyre flat bed trailer.

This trailer hire is ideal for the likes of moving furniture, small vehicle shells, small garden buildings like sheds and greenhouses and much more. This trailer is equipped with ramps to aid loading items into it.

Capacity and Dimensions:

The bed of this trailer is 10ft long and 5’6″ wide. The gross weight of this trailer is 2700kg allowing a carrying capacity of 1973kg. This is ideal for carrying large furniture like Sofas, Wardrobes ETC, building supplies and Garden sheds/Greenhouses.

Hire Charges
1 Day4040 per day
2 Days7537.50 per day
3 Days10033.30per day
5 Days15030per day
1 Week18025.70per day
2 Weeks25017.85 per day
Calendar Month45015 per day
Other information
Deposit Required200 (Cash Only)

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