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LED & Bulb Numberplate Lights

A variety of bulb and LED Trailer Numberplate Lights for trailers. Brands include; LED Autolamps, Aspock, Britax, Groupstar as well as Rubbolite, Maypole and Jokon.

12 volt and multivolt versions are available as well as lights to suit the G2 and harness plug in systems. We offer chrome and black surround light units.

Why We Recommend LED Autolamps

When it comes to purchasing new lights for your trailer, we will always recommend LED Autolamps. LED Autolamps are; IP67 rated with a fully sealed circuit board and are also submersible up to 1 meter.

All lights have tough acrylic lenses making them more robust than any other light on the market. Also, LED Autolamps come with a warranty from 1 year to lifetime, depending on light.

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If you need information on trailer lighting rules and regulations, then please Click Here.