Chassis & Body Parts

Chassis & Body parts

A vast range of Trailer Chassis and Body Fittings to suit most trailers.

Towing and Trailers stock over 150 different Parts and Body Fittings including; Hinges, Fasteners, Rope Hooks, Lashing Rings / Anchor Plates, Antiluce Fasteners, Lynch Pins, Split Pins, Cotter Pins, Grab Handles, Spring Bolts, Hinges for Tipper Doors, Toolboxes, Over Centre Fasteners, Tube Inserts, Ubolts and more…

These parts should allow you to build, modify or repair most trailers, lorries, flatbeds, pickups, and other commercial use vehicles.

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Commercial Trailers

A range of parts suitable for trailers to manufacture or repair drop sides and tailgates with Hinges, Fasteners, Pillars and Catches also Rope Hooks and Anchor Plates / Lashing Rings to secure your load.

Box / Catering Trailers

Handles, Locks, Gas Rams, Shelf Supports and Spring bolts, all parts used to fit doors or hatches on box and catering trailers.

Other Chassis Parts

Other Chassis Parts such as Toolboxes, Ubolts, Number Plate Clips, Clevises, Plug Keeps, Mudguard Brackets, Tube Inserts and much more to modify, adapt or repair most trailers.

Chassis Fasteners

Various types of Pins and Over Centre Catches to secure parts to your trailer.