Boat Rollers & Parts

Trailer Boat Rollers

We supply a large range of Boat Rollers  and parts. These protect your boat from damage when loading and transporting on you trailer.

A range  Keel Rollers, Vee Rollers, Dumbell Rollers and Side Rollers are available. Castor Rollers can also be purchased with single or double brackets or as a combination Keel & Castor Roller Bracket. Our Ribbed and Side Rollers are also available to purchase, again with assorted brackets and / or clamps. We also have a selection of Hand Winches available, which provide assistance when loading and unloading your boat onto and from your boat trailer. These have various weights and strap lengths ranging from 250kg-500kg. They can also be purchased as a kit, which includes the winch post, snubber bracket, hand winch and snubber block.

Keel Rollers help to guide your boat safely onto the trailer, whilst Buffers support the Keel of your boat.  Side Rollers are designed to support the side of your boat whilst on the trailer as are the Dumbell Rollers.

Please Note – If you have any questions or if you would like any further information regarding this product. Then please feel free to call us on 01909 473749. We are more then happy to help and look forward to your call.