Indicator Lights

LED and Bulb Indicator Lights

We stock a range of both bulb and LED indicator lights for use on trailers, commercial vehicles and caravans. A variety of styles are available including; grommet mount, slimline, bracket mount and surface mount lights. These can be supplied to suit either a 12 volt, 24 volt or multivolt system. Two indicator lights are a legal requirement on all trailers and must flash between 60-120 times per minute. You can also have 2 optional extra indicator / hazard warning lights

Our LED range of indicators consists of predominantly the LED Autolamps brand, which are extremely bright, reliable and are IP67 rated, meaning they are submersible up to 3 meters (ideal for boat trailers). Our bulb range of indicator lights include lights from manufacturers such as; Perei and Jokon. Jokon lights are frequently used on caravans. For information on trailer wiring, legal requirements and further technical information, please call 01909 473749.