Trailer Lighting Rules

A Simple, Condensed Guide on Trailer Lighting Rules


Trailer Lighting Rules

Lighting Regulations vary, depending on the Trailer type;

  • O1 Trailers Very lightweight trailer with a GW of 750kg or less.
  • O2 Trailers Lightweight trailer with a GW from 750kg to 3500kg.
  • O3 Trailers Heavy duty trailer with a GW between 3.5T to 10T.
  • O4 Trailers Heavy duty trailer used in recovery where normal C&U limits are exceeded.


  • All Reflectors must be e or E marked (See Table 1)
  • The correct quantity should be fitted to the trailer (See Table 1)
  • The correct colour must be fitted to the trailer (See Table 1)
  • Must be positioned to meet;
  • position / visibility requirements (See Table 1)
  • Must be the correct shape (See Table 1)
  • Rear reflectors must face predominantly to the rear (See Table 1)

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  • The trailer must be fitted with lamps only capable of showing a white light to the front except;

An amber light from an Indicator, Amber light from beacon, yellow light from conspicuity material. Amber light from a side marker, green light from an ABS light. Emergency vehicles only – a blue light from warning lamp or beacon.

  • Trailer must be fitted with lamps only capable of showing a red light to the rear except for;

See below

An amber light from a direction indicator, amber light from warning lamp, white light from work lamp / reversing lamp. A yellow light from conspicuity marking material and amber light from a side light therefore applicableemergency vehicles only – a blue light from warning lamp or beacon.

  • The operation of one lamp, must not effect the other, unless specifically designed to do so
  • All lamps, markers and reflectors must be securely fitted
  • All obligatory and optional lamps must be fitted to their correct orientation
  • When every door or other moveable part is in the fixed open position the front and rear lamps, indicators and reflectors must fulfil the following conditions;

Please see below

Half of the apparent surface of the lamp is visible from directly in front of / behind as appt the trailer. OR, additional fully visible lamp satisfying all requirements for the above lamps. OR, a notice on the trailer must inform the user that certain positions of the moveable components. other road users should be warned of the presence of the trailer on the road.

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