Body & Chassis Fittings

Small Lashing Ring with Polyurethane Plate

Anchor Plates

A range of Anchor Plates / Deck Rings for commercial vehicles and trailers. Weld on and bolt on anchor plates are available varying in strength and style of application.

Bolt on Antiluce Fastener

Antiluce / Dropcatch Fasteners & Plates

A range of weld on and bolt on Antiluce Fasteners for use on trailers & commercial vehicles. Often used to secure tailgates on trailers. Dropcatch plates are also available in different sizes to suit all antiluce fasteners.

Clevis and Pin

Clevis and Pin

10mm and 8mm clevis pins available in longer and shorter lengths. Commonly used on threaded bar found on trailer braking system.

Cotter Pin and Chain for trailers

Cotter Pins

A range of cotter pins and bolt on tailgate lugs.

Door Latch for commercial and catering vehicles

Door Latches

A range of right hand and left hand door latches for commercial vehicles and catering trailers. Available in smaller and larger sizes.

Door Hinge for Trailers and Commercial Vehicles

Door Hinges

Stainless steel and zinc plated door hinges available for trailers and commercial vehicles.

Drop Side Pillars for trailers and commercial vehicles

Drop Side Pillars

Drop side pillars and brackets for trailers and commercial vehicles.

Gas Strut for catering trailers

Gas Rams

A range of gas struts available in different lengths and strengths. Commonly found on door hatches and catering trailers.

Chrome and PVC grab handles for trailers

Grab Handles

Chrome and PVC grab handles. Commonly found on the rear of trailers to help when moving the trailer or on doors and latches to aid in accessing and exiting.

Pressed Steel Bolt On Trailer Hinges

Hinges Pressed

Pressed steel hinges available in different lengths along with bolt on hinge pin. Often used on on trailer tailgates and doors.

Traditional style hinges for trailers and commercial vehicles

Hinges Traditional

Bolt on and weld on traditional hinges for trailers and commercial vehicles. Different lengths are available as well as different style of hinge strap.

Locking Handles for trailers and commercial vehicles

Locking Handles

Paddle locks, Tee handle locks, rod assemblies and much more. Replacement locks for Jonesco toolboxes are also available. Suitable for applications on trailers and commercial vehicles.

Lynch Pin for trailers

Lynch Pins

Different sizes and diameters of lynch pins. Used to secure trailer tailgates and side panels.

Spring Loaded Number Plate Clips

Number Plate Clips

Spring loaded and flush fitting number plate clips and holders available for trailers and other vehicles. Sticky pads for number plates are also available.

Over Centre Catches for trailer tailgates and panels

Over Centre Catches

A range of over centre catches and locks. Commonly found on trailer tailgates and panels. Replacement over centre catches for Erde and Daxara trailers are also available.

R Clips

R Clips

Different sized R Clips available. Used to secure trailer tipping brackets and hinges.

Weld on and bolt on rope hooks / tie downs

Rope Hooks

Weld on and bolt on rope hooks / tie downs for trailers and commercial vehicles. Often attached to the side panel or trailer bed to secure rope or bungee cord. Button style tie downs are also available for securing trailer covers.

Shelf Supports

Shelf Supports

Door retainers and shelf supports for catering hatches and trailers.

Split Pin

Split Pins

5mm & 3.6mm Split pins available. Commonly used on trailer suspension units.

Springs Bolts for trailers

Spring Bolts

Various lengths of spring bolts / shoot bolts are available ranging from 10mm - 16mm in diameter. Commonly used to secure trailer tailgates along with rear doors on box trailers.

Tipper Brackets

Tipper Brackets

A range of tipper brackets and lugs available for use on trailers and commercial vehicles.

Tool Boxes Plastic

Rectangular, square and circular tube inserts

Tube Inserts

A range of different sized rectangular and square tube inserts available along with a circular tube insert to suit a 1mm nominal bore. Used to cover open ended box sections.

High Tensile U Bolts

U Bolts

High tensile U Bolts available in different widths and lengths. Commonly used for bolting round box sections and drawbars on trailers. U bolt plates are also available to suit the various sizes of U bolts we stock.

Plug Keep VIN Plate and Coupling Guide

Other Chassis Parts

A range of chassis parts for trailers including; plug keeps, coupling guides and skids, VIN plates, mudguards brackets and more.

Body Chassis Fittings

Here at Towing and Trailers we stock a large range of Body Chassis Fittings. The parts we keep are typically used on camping trailers, catering trailers and commercial bodies and trucks. Whether you are modifying or completely rebuilding, we keep a part to suit most applications.

Anchor Plates and Rope Hooks

Not only do we keep a selection of weld on and bolt on rope hooks, but also anchor plates. These are designed to be welded or bolted to the floor or side of your trailer to secure bungee cord, rope and also ratchet straps. They can also be used on commercial vehicles along with truck bodies and chassis.


Traditional and pressed hinges are available. These again are designed to be welded or bolted to trailer tailgates and doors. We keep a variety of strap hinges and gudeon pins in different lengths and styles. Zinc plated and pressed steel hinges are also available.

Other Chassis Parts

A large range of alternative chassis parts are also readily available. These include; Locker / Tool Boxes, Spring Bolts, Gas Struts and Handles. Additionally, we have Lynch Pins, Over Centre Catches, U Bolts and a small selection of Split Pins available.

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