Technical Info

This section will grow during 2015, it is designed to help you build, maintain and repair your trailer.
We aim to have the following guides.

Servicing trailers

How to service major components on a trailers running gear including brakes, bearings, couplings and lights.


Regulations on lights, the requirements for road use, how to wire, available plug-in systems pros and cons and trouble shooting (click here).

Wiring diagrams

wiring towbar relays, insight in to dedicated wiring systems for towbars, wiring plugs for trailers and adding ancillaries such as charging systems, batteries and interior lights (click here).

Building trailers

Guides on what to think about when building a trailer and matching the components you may require, legal dimensions and basic layouts for trailers.


Instructions and catalogues from manufactures and printable versions of our guides.

Type approval

The basics about type approval and why it is needed. We also aim to build and put a trailer through an IVA during 2015 to document this fully so that people understand what they need to do and how to go about it.

Can I legally tow a trailer?

Here is a link to the GOV.UK site where you can check your licence entitlement (click here).

How do I measure my PCD?

Here is a link to our trailer wheel PCD measuring guide (click here).