Trailer Parts

Trailer Boat Rollers and Bracket

Boat Rollers & Parts

A range of buffers and snubbers, ribbed rollers, keel and vee rollers available for boat trailers. Designed to assist in guiding your boat on and off your trailer. Brackets and spindles are also available along with assembly kits.

Knott and Al-Ko trailer brake parts

Trailer Brakes & Parts

A range of Al-Ko, Knott & Bradley trailer brakes including; replacement shoe sets, complete backplates, springs, adjusters and cover plates. A variety of trailer brake cables are also available to suit most applications.

Body and Chassis Fittings for Trailers

Body & Chassis Fitting

Anchor plates, antiluce fasteners, traditional and pressed style hinges, door latches, gas struts and much more available. For use on trailers and commercial vehicles as well as box and catering trailers.

Unbraked and Braked Trailer Couplings and Parts

Couplings & Parts

A huge range of Knott, Al-Ko & Bradley spares for unbraked & braked trailer couplings including; dampers, energy stores , drawtubes and more. Complete coupling assemblies are also available along with replacement breakaway cables, skids and coupling guides.

Spare Parts for Daxara & Erde Trailers

Daxara Spare Parts

Spare parts for Daxara trailers 107, 127, 137, 147, 148, 158, 168, 198, 218, 238 & 239. We have available replacement bearing sets, hubs, wheel studs / nuts, lights and lenses, tipping mechanisms and much more.

Spare Parts for Erde and Daxara Trailers

Erde Spare Parts

Spare parts for Erde trailers 102, 122, 132, 142, 143, 153, 163, 193, 213, 233 & 234. We have available replacement bearing sets, hubs, wheel studs / nuts, lights and lenses, wiring looms, hinges and much more.

Electrical cable, sockets and plugs for trailers


12N & 12S sockets and trailer plugs along with 13 pin euro plugs and sockets are available. We also stock a range of junction boxes and electrical connectors along with single core - 9 core electrical cable. Extension cables are also available.

Trailer Jockey Wheels and Spares

Jockey Wheels

34mm, 42mm 48mm, 48mm ribbed & 63mm trailer jockey wheels ranging from standard - heavy duty. Jockey wheels are available with a cushioned or pneumatic wheel to suit different terrains. Clamps & replacement wheels are also available.

LED and Bulb Trailer Lights and Lenses

Lights, Lenses & Reflectors

A huge range of LED and Bulb rear trailer lights along with front, side, rear and outline trailer marker lights. We also stock replacement light lenses for most of our lights along with brackets and mounting grommets.

Trailer Mudguards


Plastic, galvanised and steel mudguards available for trailers along with twin and tandem axle mudguards for commercial use. We also keep replacement mudguards for the Erde and Daxara trailers along with mudguard brackets.

Nuts, Bolts & Fixings

Ranging from M4 to M16 we stock a vast selection of set screws, bolts & countersunk screws for fitting / fixing various parts to trailers and other vehicles. Form A, G and repair washers are also available along with nyloc nuts and plain nuts to suit.

Cast and pressed steel propstands and clamps for trailers


34mm, 42mm & 48mm trailer prop stands are available as well as ribbed and telescopic prop stands / corner steadies. We also keep a range of pressed and cast steel clamps to suit our propstands which can be purchased with a handle or without.

Braked and Unbraked Trailer Suspension

Suspension Units & Parts

Huge range of unbraked & braked trailer suspension units to suit different PCDs & wheel offsets. We offer a choice of unbraked standard or extended units with 1" shaft & complete braked units ranging from 550-1800kg half axles.

Trailer Wheels and Tyres for on road and off road use

Wheels & Tyres

8", 10", 12", 13" & 14" trailer wheel and tyres assemblies are available with different stud patterns / PCD measurements. We also keep wheels to fit the Erde & Daxara trailers. A variety of wheel rims are also available along with replacement tyres and non road wheels.

Trailer Running Gear Kits with 10

Trailer Running Gear Kits

Unbraked and braked single axle, twin axle & tri axle trailer running gear kits with a choice of 8", 10", 12", 13" & 14" wheels. Available with or without mudguards and a choice of heavy duty or standard duty coupling.

Trailer Lighting Kit

Trailer Lighting Kits

LED and bulb lighting kits to suit braked and unbraked trailers. We have kits to suit the smaller camping / gardening trailers as well as kits to suit the larger more commercial trailers. These kits supply you with everything you need to make your trailers lighting road legal.

Trailer Axles

Trailer spare parts

Towing and trailers is probably one of the largest independent stockist of parts and spares. Our range will cover almost everything you would need to either building, maintaining or servicing a trailer.

Trailer Running Gear – We keep probably one of the largest stocks of trailer running gear in the UK. We have readily available parts such as; Suspension Units, Couplings and Brakes. We also offer kits to suit both braked and unbraked trailers ranging from 750kg-3500kg.

Lights and  Electrics – With over 300 lights in stock, we have an extensive range of lights to suit various applications. Multifunction LED and bulb rear lights are constantly stocked on our shelves along with replacement lenses and reflectors.

Chassis and Body Fittings – Our range of trailer body fittings includes parts such as Hinges, Cotter pins, Antiluc fasteners, Lynch pins, Over centre catches, Handles, Gas Struts, Anchor plates, Rope hooks, Spring bolts, U bolts much more.

Jockey Wheels  and  Prop Stands – Available are 34mm, 42mm and 48mm smooth and ribbed jockey wheels. The 34mm being suitable for the smaller unbraked trailers and the 48mm ribbed perfect for the more commercial trailers. Our range of Propstands also includes these shaft diameter with pressed and cast clamps to suit.

Boat Rollers – Towing and trailers also offer a range of boat rollers that allow mounting any boat onto your trailer much easier.

We offer a variety of Keel, Dumbbell, Castor, Ribbed and Vee Rollers. Complete assemblies are also available with stem posts and brackets to suit.

Please Note – If you have any questions or if you would like any further information regarding this product, then please feel free to call us on 01909 473749. We are more then happy to help and look forward to your call.