Jockey Wheels

34mm jockey wheels

34mm Jockey Wheels

The 34mm trailer jockey wheels are suitable for use with lighter duty trailers. We stock the genuine 34mm Erde jockey wheel complete with the clamp, along with the Knott Avonride and Franc trailer jockey wheels.

42mm Jockey Wheels

42mm Jockey Wheels

We stock Bradley, Indespension, and Maypole 42mm trailer jockey wheels. Our Bradley Jockey Wheels are available with a cushioned wheels making them suitable for uneven ground.

48mm jockey wheels

48mm Jockey Wheel

We stock the 48mm trailer jockey wheels from manufacturers such as; Al-Ko, Knott Avonride, Maypole and Bradley. Also available is the genuine Erde Jockey Wheel for A-Frame drawbars

48mm ribbed Jockey wheels

48mm Ribbed Jockey Wheel

We stock Maypole, Knott and Bradley 48mm trailer Jockey Wheels. The Bradley jockey wheels are available with a wide or cushioned wheel and are manufactured much stronger and heavier, therefore are rated at a higher capacity.

63mm jockey wheels

63mm Jockey Wheel

The Bradley 63mm trailer jockey wheel is one of the heaviest duty jockey wheels we stock. This 63mm jockey wheel is capable of a nose weight of 750kg and is designed with a 45 degree castor to give extra height.

jockey wheel clamp

Jockey Wheel Clamps

We have available the 34mm, 42mm, 48mm and 63mm trailer jockey wheel clamps. Also available, are the clamps which are specifically for the ribbed jockey wheels

replacement wheel for jockey wheel

Replacement Wheels For Jockey Wheels

We have available the Maypole, Knott, Bradley and Indespension jockey wheel replacement wheels. There are various sized wheels purchasable to suit different sized jockey wheels and spindles as well as a choice of standard, pneumatic, narrow or wide wheels, depending on the function of your jockey wheel.

Jockey wheel spares

Jockey Spare Wheel

Available are the handle and pads for the different models and weight of couplings. The handle and pads do vary for each manufacturer depending on the year of production, so please be aware of this when purchasing. Also available is the replacement red knob for Bradley jockey wheels.

We have available a range of trailer jockey wheels from the lighter duty 34mm and 42mm jockey wheels to the heavier duty 48mm and 63mm jockey wheels capable of carrying up to 750 kg nose weight. The heavier duty jockey wheels are purchasable in both the smooth shaft and the ribbed shaft. We also stock an extensive range of spare parts for our trailer jockey wheels such as; clamps for ribbed and smooth shafts, spare wheels and replacement handle, pads and knobs. For further enquiries, please call 01909 473749