Trailer Lighting Kits

Available to purchase at a discounted price as opposed to buying all the parts individually. We have sorted the kits into categories, depending on the length and width of your trailer with the relevant fog, reverse lights and amount of marker lights, reflectors to abide by the law. These are the basic rules to adhere to: Fog Light – Required on anything over 1.3m width (inc mudguards) Reverse Light – Required on any sized Braked trailer that is manufactured after 2012 (needs 13 pin plug) White Front Marker Lights – Required on anything over 1.6m width (inc mudguards) Outline Marker Lights – Required on anything with a width of 2.1 to 2.5m width (inc mudguards) Amber Side Marker Lights – Required on anything over 6m in length (inc drawbar approx 1.5m) Below we offer Lighting Kits for Un-Braked or Braked Trailers The only difference in these kits is that the Braked ones include a reverse light (needs 13 pin towbar) Which is only needed on a Braked trailer manufactured after 2012 For technical guidance and enquiries, please call 01909 473749