12n 7 Pin trailer plugs sockets and electrical cable

12N Plugs, Sockets & Cable

A range of 12N 7 Pin plugs sockets and extensions leads for trailers. We supply varying amp 7 core cable to wire up the plugs and sockets along with socket mounting plates, electrical connectors and much more.

12s grey 7 pin plugs and sockets for caravans

12S Grey Plugs & Sockets

A range of 12S 7 pin plugs, sockets & extension leads used to power ancillary charging circuits, fridges & reverse lights on caravans. S type gaskets are also available for the sockets along with mounting bolts & fixings.

13 Pin plugs, socket and extension cables for caravans and trailers

13 Pin Plugs & Sockets

A range of 13 pin electrical plugs, sockets and extension cables for trailers and caravans that require all lighting functions, including reverse. Also powers ancillary charging circuits. Straight & Suzie plug to plug and plug to socket extension cables are also available.

13 pin and 7 pin converters for caravans and trailers

13 Pin & 7 Pin Converters

13 pin and 7 pin S type and N type electrical converters for cars, caravans and trailers. Supplies all road lighting along with ancillary charging circuits and fridges.

240 Volt Range for Caravans

240 Volt Range

240 Volt range for Caravans. For further technical information, please call 01909 473749.

Crimp on electrical connectors for trailer wiring

Crimp On Connectors

A range of red and blue female and male crimp on connectors for trailer wiring. Includes spade connectors, bullet connectors, inline connectors and scotch locks along with cable eyelets to suit different cable thicknesses.

Electrical cable for trailers

Electrical Cable

Single core, 2 core, 4 core, 5 core, 7 core, 8 core and 12 core electrical cable to aid in all trailer wiring and electrics. Different amp cable is available to suit 12 volt and 24 volt trailer / vehicle lighting.

Extension Cables

Electrical N type, S type and 13 pin extension cables for caravans and trailers. Commonly used when the original cable is too short to connect the tow vehicle to the trailer. We have available straight or curly extension cables with either double plug or plug and socket.

Cut off switch and blade fuse

Fuses Holders & Switches

Cut off switches, replacement cut off keys and 5amp, 10amp, 15amp & 20amp blade fuses.

8 way and 10 way junction boxes for trailers and caravans

Junction Boxes

8 way and 10 way electrical junction boxes to suit all road lighting for trailers and caravans. Junction boxes give you weatherproof connections and makes maintaining lighting & wiring much easier.

Smart bypass relay and dual charging relays

Relays & Buzzers

Bypass relays, self switching 20 amp and 30 amp dual charging relays and 12 volt and 24 volt load resistors. Commonly used to bypass fault finding systems in some cars and draw additional power to cure come problems with LED lights.

Erde, aspock and AJBA plug in wiring looms with replacement plugs and pins

Wiring Looms

A range of Radex, AJBA, Erde and Aspock wiring looms to suit 5 pin and 6 pin plug in rear trailer lights. Replacement pins and plugs are also available along with G2 plug in cables to suit the LED Autolamps harness system.

We stock an extensive range of electric spares to enable and assist you in wiring a trailer to your exact specifications. We have available the 7 pin and 13 pin plugs and sockets as well as the extensions cables and 13 / 7 pin converters. Also purchasable is a choice of differentiating crimp on connectors along with varying cores of cable. We stock parts to correct electrical faults such as; trailer relays and buzzers as well as replacement wiring looms and plugs. For any technical advice or queries, please visit our Technical Info section, or call 01909 473749

12N Plugs, Sockets and Cables plus Extensions. 12S Grey Plugs, Sockets and Cables plus Extensions. 13pin Euro Plugs, Sockets and Cables plus Extensions. Converters: 13pin And 7pin Electrics.

240 Volt Plugs, Sockets and Cables plus Extensions. Crimp On Connectors: Red, Blue and Yellow. Electrical Cable: Single core to 12 core. Extension Cables in varying lengths.

Fuses, Holders and Switches for Electrics. Junction Boxes: 8 way and 10 way. Relays and Buzzers for Towbars and electrical faults. Wiring Looms and Plugs: Erde, Radex, AJBA and more.