Erde Spare Parts

We stock one of the most comprehensive and competitively priced ranges of Erde trailers, spares and accessories. Our spare parts range from; bearings, wheel nuts and hubs to load bars, light units and replacement locks as well as a vast amount of other parts. We offer spares to suit both the older and the newer style trailers and we are more than happy to make special orders for parts, such as axles, if a customer requires. Please navigate your way through the options below to find the spare part to suit your trailer. For further enquiries, or for technical information, please call 01909 473749

Erde 102 spare parts: AJBA Fog Light, Erde Wheel Studs plus more. Erde 122 spare parts: AJBA Fog Lenses, Replacement Locks plus more. Erde 132 spare parts: Genuine Replacement Hubs and Bearings plus more. Erde 142 spare parts: Tipping Mechanism, Wheel Nuts plus more.

Erde 143 spare parts: Tipping Knob, 34mm Jockey Wheel plus more. Erde 153 spare parts: AJBA 240mm Lenses, ABS Hardtop Locks plus more. Erde 163 spare parts: AJBA 190mm Lenses, Spare Wheel, Bearing Kit plus more. Erde 193 spare parts: AJBA 230mm 5 Function Light Units plus more.

Erde 194 spare parts: AJBA 190mm 6 Function Light Units plus more. Erde 213 spare parts: 48mm Jockey Wheel for A-Frame Drawbars plus more. Erde 233 spare parts: Hubs, Reflectors, Over Centres plus more Erde 234×4 spare parts: Castle Nuts, Split Pins, Wiring plus more.

Erde 234x4F spare parts: Brake Cables, Hand Brake Handles plus more. Erde PM310 spare parts: Bulbs, Connectors, Couplings plus more. Erde CH451 spare parts: Pressed Steel Hitches, plus more. Erde CH751 spare parts: AJBA FP70 Light Units, Ratchet Straps plus more