Suspension with Hubs - Unbraked

Unbraked Trailer Suspension Units with Hubs

Our unbraked trailer suspension units with hubs are predominantly manufactured by Knott Avonride.

These units have a fully galvanised box section (can be painted) and forged drop arm. We have available 150kg, 250kg, 350kg, 550kg and 750kg units.

This is the overall weight of the trailer and it’s contents and is the gross weight per pair. Once your trailer’s gross weight exceeds 750kg, you are then required, by law, to have fully functioning Braked Suspension Units.

We keep various PCD trailer hubs to suit a 1 inch suspension shaft including; 4 stud x 100mm, 4 x 4 Inch and 4 x 5.5″, 5 stud x 112mm

Additionally, we keep a 4 stud x 108mm PCD hub, which is to suit some wheels usually used on Ford.

The hubs will fit either a standard or extended shaft suspension unit as they both cater for a 1 inch diameter bearing. A standard shaft suspension unit is designed to take centre naïve wheels – 25mm offset wheels.

Extended shaft units are to suit wheels with an offset measurement ranging from 25mm – 35mm. If you are unsure about trailer wheel offset, please Click Here.

We also keep suspension units complete with P series and E series trailer hubs. These hubs are supplied fully fitted to the suspension unit and have a sealed bearing.

The E series is to suit 0-25mm offset and the P series to suit 25mm-35mm offset. These are available from 350kg – 750kg with varying PCD measurements available. If you require assistance with measuring your PCD, please Click Here.

Please Note – If you have any questions or if you would like any further information regarding this product. Then please feel free to call us on 01909 473749. We are more then happy to help and look forward to your call.