Unbraked trailer wheel hubs

Unbraked trailer wheel hubs

Towing and trailers probably keep the most comprehensive range of unbraked trailer wheel hubs. Due to the range various stud patterns and types.

These trailer hubs are available in many forms to fit different shafts. there are the most popular hubs that fit a 1″ (25.4mm) diameter shaft approx 50mm long. Also we can offer the stronger hubs that use stepped or tapered shafts and large sealed bearings.

The range towing and trailers offer covers all Knott-avonride suspension units and axles. We also keep popular unbraked hubs from Indespension, Al-ko and Meredith & eyre.

Most of all we try and help you identify the correct hub. We offer stub axle sizes as hubs can not be interchanged. It is not possible to fit a sealed bearing hub on to a shaft for taper roller bearings.

The only way it is possible to alter a trailer hub is to change for another PCD or stud pattern.

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