Braked Trailer Couplings

Trailer couplings Braked Trailer Couplings

Braked Couplings for Trailers up to 3500kg

We have a huge selection of trailer couplings ranging from; 750kg, 900kg, 1300kg, 1400kg, 1700kg. As well as 1800kg, 2600kg, 2700kg, 2750kg, 3000kg and 3500kg. Once your trailer exceeds a 750kg gross weight limit, you must have fully functioning brakes on your trailer as a legal requirement. Cast couplings are available as well as pressed steel couplings. Purchasable with a standard 50mm ball head connection, 40mm eye as well as 50mm eye connection or a NATO eye.

Manufacturers include; Knott Avonride, Bradley, Alko as well as Indespension and more. Bradley and Knott are the more popular couplings on the market; Knott being used on Ifor Williams trailers. Obsolete couplings are still out there such as; BPW and old style Bradley. If you have one of these brands, or cannot see a coupling matching yours, then please call 01909 473749 for information.