Building a Trailer

Building a trailer

This section has Information and guides for building a Trailer.

When building a trailer you are now required to have it examined to make sure it meets the legal requirements for road use.

There are 3 ways to get a trailer approved. The main used approvals are IVA and Type approval.

IVA Individual Vehicle Approval

This is the best approval for 1 off trailers it started as a one off cost of £70 but may increase in price. The approval will just cover the trailer you present to a test facility.

Type Approval:

Type approval is far more complicated and has much more paperwork. We are only able to give limited information. Advantage of Type approval is that once it has been completed you can produce more trailers without having to take it for approval saving money and time. This will cost a lot more to gain this approval and require periodic inspections. the only 2 reasons you would opt for this is if you have a high number of trailers of 1 type to manufacture. The approval is better for exporting trailers.

Trailer Running Gear Kits:

Our Discounted kits with all the compatible parts you need to build your own trailer

All you need to buy is the steel to build your chassis and body and add electrics and lights.

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