Knott Avonride Coupling Spares

Towing and trailers stocks a full range of Knott Avonride replacement parts for current ranges of braked couplings. Select the coupling from the lists below to get a full breakdown of spare parts for your Knott Avonride Coupling. All spares on these pages are Genuine parts with a 1 year Warranty.

Knott Avonride Spares for KF (pressed) Coupling Range

Knott Avonride KF (pressed) trailer coupling range are the most commonly used on lightweight trailers used by many manufacturers inc Ifor williams & many european manufacturers KF couplings have 48mm jockey bracket Knott Avonride KF range has not changed since 2009 but many parts fit older couplings The current models are 5 different sizes ranging from 750kg – 2750kg

Identifying Knott Avonride KF (pressed) Coupling Range

To Identify a KF range coupling it has . If you do not have a weight plate on a Knott coupling the only way that a coupling can be identified for weight is from the numbers on the damper.

Knott Avonride Spares for KFG (cast) Coupling Range

Knott Avonride KFG (cast) Coupling range are more robust with a cast steel coupling head with a lockbuilt into the head with a 48mm Jockey wheel mounting bracket cast in, the coupling has a provision to fit a reverse stop if required. This is probably the most popular coupling in the UK used as on Ifor Williams, Meredith & eyre & many other trailers.

Identifying Knott Avonride KFG (cast) Coupling Range

These couplings have no markings in the casting, but the plate will have a number corresponding to the weight on the type.
If this plate is missing, the weight can be identified by the damper, although the KFG35 has a different casting with
6 mounting holes as the photo on the left smaller couplings only have 4 mounting holes.

Knott Avonride Spares for KRV (pole) Coupling Range

Knott Avonride pole coupling range for trailers is from 750 – 3500kg with variations to suit different size drawbars from 60 – 100mm and available With or without a jockey wheel bracket we offer full range of spares for all of the Knott KRV trailer couplings. if you
have a coupling not listed please call us on 01909 473749

Identifying Knott Avonride (pole) Coupling Range

To Identify a pole coupling is easy if the plate is still there, this is found on the body at the side of the handbrake, in the type
box it will have the weight eg. 2000kg. If there is no plate then the damper needs checking for the weight as this changes
for all weight ranges.