LED Autolamps 1490 Series White Harness Trailer Marker Light
Harness System DiagramLED Autolamps 1490 Series 1490WM White Front Trailer Marker Light Dimensions

LED Autolamps 1490WM2P Multivolt White front Marker 4 LED’s for Harness System

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LED Autolamps 1490WM2P Multivolt White front Marker 4 LED's for Harness System

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Product Description

LED Autolamps 1490 Series White Harness Trailer Marker Light

Our Part No. LU740LAUMPH

Manufacturer’s Part No. 1490WM2P

This advert is for 1x LED Autolamps 12 and 24 volt 1490 series front trailer marker light to suit the harness system

This light is 110mm x 40mm and has a depth of 25mm

Additionally, there is approximately 20mm of cable on the back of the marker light with 2x harness connectors

As well as 4 LEDs, there is an integrated reflex reflector on either side of the light

Not only does it have a hardened plastic lens, but also is shock, dust and waterproof

Multivolt and can therefore run off both a 12 volt and 24 volt system

For mounting this light, there are 2x screw holes on 47mm centres

Likewise to all LED Autolamps, the light is EC and EMC approved making it suitable for use on roads in UK and Europe

This light unit is IP67 rated and therefore will operate submerged 1m below water for 30 minutes (ideal for boat trailers)

5 year warranty

Please note LED lamps are not compatible with some modern fault checking systems fitted to vehicles

IP67 rating is for the lamp only water can run up cables into the light and invalidate the warranty if the connection is not suitably isolated we recommend heat shrink to be used over joints in cables

This light is also available as an amber side marker and red rear marker to suit harness system

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LED Autolamps 1490 Series White Harness Trailer Marker Light Specifications- 

Light specification
Type LED
Length 110mm
Width 40mm
Depth 25mm
Front Marker 4 Led’s 0.05Amps @ 13.8 V
Voltage Multivolt
Connection type Harness Connectors
Fixing type 2x mounting holes on 47mm centres
EC approved Yes Documents available
Warranty 5 Years




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