Spare Parts for Trailer Couplings

braked coupling head

Braked Coupling Heads

We stock the Bradley, Indespension, Knott Avonride and Al-Ko Braked coupling heads. We offer both the autoheads and eye heads to suit different sized towballs.

coupling dampers

Coupling Dampers/Gas Rams

We stock trailer coupling dampers for Bradley, Indespension, Knott Avonride and Al-Ko Couplings. Dampers are often the cause of your trailer banging into the back of your vehicle when applying the brakes.


Coupling Bellows/Gaitors

We offer various trailer coupling bellows for Bradley, Indespension, Knott and Al-Ko to suit varying models / weights of couplings. Please be sure to double check the model of your coupling as the bellows sizing does vary slightly.

brakeaway cables

Brakeaway Cables

Breakaway cables are a legal requirement for trailers. They are designed to pull the brakes on if you trailer was to become unhitched during travel. We stock various lengths and styles of breakaway cables, some being more heavy duty than others.

jockey wheel handle and pad

Jockey Wheel Handle and Pad

We stock Jockey wheel handle and pads for Bradley , Indespension , Knott Avonride and Al-Ko Couplings. The pad sits in the jockey wheel clamp and the handle winds in to tighten or loosen the clamp.

coupling drawtubes

Coupling Drawtubes

Our coupling drawtubes are to suit Bradley and Knott Avonride couplings ranging from 900kg to 3500kg. We also have purchasable the stop ring / shock absorbers to suit varying diameters of drawtubes.

Energy store

Coupling Energy Store

Energy stores are large springs which apply the handbrakes and hold enough force to keep all the wheels locked. We stock Bradley, Knott Avonride and Al-Ko coupling energy stores for trailers up to 3500kg.

Other Parts and Couplings

Other Parts for Couplings

We stock an extensive range of spare parts for trailer couplings. Listed on this page are the clevis pins for the coupling brake link and the brake cable compensators for single, twin and tri axle trailers.

bradley spares

Bradley Coupling Spares

We stock a full range of Bradley Doublelock replacement parts for current ranges of braked couplings. Select the coupling from the lists below to get a full breakdown of spare parts for your Bradley Doublelock Coupling.

indespension spares

Indespension Spares

We stock a vast range of spares for Indespension trailer couplings, this includes; Bellows, Dampers and damper extensions for couplings ranging from 900kg to 3500kg.

knott avonride spares

Knott Avonride Coupling Spares

We stock a comprehensive range of spare parts for Knott-Avonride couplings, including head, dampers, bellows and many more!

ALKO coupling spares

ALKO Coupling Spares

We now stock more ALKO parts than ever before! Including bellows, energy stores, dampers and pressed steel heads to suit both 35-50mm drawbars.

Towing and Trailers stock one of the most comprehensive ranges of coupling spare parts. We stock coupling spares from Bradley , Knott Avonride , Indespension and Al-Ko manufacturers We have over 100 different spare parts for trailer couplings including; Replacement Dampers, Coupling Heads, Bellows / Gaitors, Energy stores and much more. Please navigate your way through the links below to find the part you require. If you cannot see the part you need, or for technical assistance, please call 01909 473749